Today I scored a Heathkit H-89 computer from 1979 (also sold as the Zenith Z-89).  It’s a Z80 based computer that was typically available as a kit machine.  It came with an external double 5 1/4 floppy drive that had no manufacturer’s markings on it whatsoever, as well as two boxes of disks for it.

So far, it seems to be in good enough condition where I wouldn’t be worried to fire it up.  I do want to connect up one or all of the floppy drives first, since the internal connector appears to have been undone.

Upon pulling away from the curb to turn around in the culdesac outside the estate sale I bought it at, I let out a very enthusiastic “YEAAAAAAH!” to the point where I was heard by an old couple who were crossing the street.  They turned and looked at me like I just insulted John F. Kennedy or something, and they even did it again once I made my 180 to head out the way I came.  Hopefully my thumbs up let them know that I wasn’t pissed but ecstatic

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    I swear I just saw this on ebay a few days ago, decided to get that trs 80 model 3 instead, I can’t wait until the 25th...
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